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Purpose. Providence. Strength.

Without Exception.

Throw Away Thoroughbreds is a specialist service for the training and rehabilitation of horses, thoroughbreds particularly (but no horse is unwelcome), that have been thrown away or discarded. Horses that are deemed too slow, untrainable, aggressive, not good enough, who have reached their supposed "used by date" or suffer neglect or injury, are given a home which allows them to flourish and reach their full potential.

Every horse is re-educated and given the chance to show us where they shine; whether it is racing, dressage, show jumping, cross country, one of the western/ camp drafting disciplines or pleasure riding.

Each horse under our care is given every support they need, be that veterinary care, physiotherapy, nutrition or help to overcome anxiety/phobias due to abuse, neglect or bad experiences.

Most importantly, every horse is welcomed as a part of the family for as long as they need to begin their new journey.


Throw Away Thoroughbreds is also a place of growth for riders and/or their horses in which new skills can be learned and solutions for problems found.


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Mohandas K. Gandhi

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

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65 Ipswich-Boonah Rd Ipswich QLD Australia 4306

+61 410 202 413

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