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A Little About Me

Training for Greatness - Saving Greatness

As a Horse Trainer and Horse Riding Coach based in South East Queensland, I have been the woman behind the horse most of my life. Whether it is training athletes to greatness, rescuing neglected or abused horses, rehabilitating injuries or helping every day horse people improve their connection with their horse I am there. I am truly passionate about all aspects of horse health, every type of horse sport or discipline and the care and well being of these great animals. We receive so much from horses and I believe it is only fair that we give our share back.

I am always ready to help my students and clients improve their ridden technique/ skills and their ability to communicate with and understand their horses. This ability to communicate and understand is the key to truly excelling in any given equestrian sport and leads to happier, more present and therefore connected athletes. I’ve been told I’m tough but understanding, honest all the way - giving each client the individual guidance and support they need to reach and exceed their limits.

I believe in an approach that is not only riding focused but takes into account all of the factors that contribute to the outcome desired. Nutrition, fitness, equipment and the training and education needed for each individual desired outcome.  Both horse and Rider. No two students, clients or their horses are the same and so I treat everyone as an individual and seek to find the best solutions and methods to reach those individual outcomes.

Racehorses to Trail Horses, and Everything In Between.

I am equally passionate about horse care, well being and the need for more education and policing of the neglect and abuse of horses. I give refuge to a large number of horses every year and see to their return to health and onto loving homes.  This year I am putting into action plans to extend this and will be seeking sponsorship to start a charitable organisation with the end goal being a sanctuary.

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