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Common Problems - Real Solutions

So many people are held back from the fun they could be having with their friends or loaded down with unnecessary stress due to a range of problems that can be overcome with the help of one of our trainers. Can't go riding with your friends through the National Park or to club because your horse won't get on a float? Your horse is afraid of water and won't swim and thinks the hose is a monster?  Stressed every minute you are riding with your friends because your horse likes to bite or kick other horses?  You can't tie your horse up because he throws a tantrum? Can't worm your horse by mouth? Can't give him his annual Tetanus/ Strangles shot yourself because he's terrified of needles? The list is long... won't stand for the farrier or vet, won't lunge, bucking, rearing, bolting...

We can find you a solution.

Polishing Your Technique

Your horse needs to have a solid understanding of what you need.  Not every rider is a horse trainer.  If you are finding it a struggle to get your horse to improve or move up the levels then maybe the solution is to have one of our trainers take him or her there for you.  Taking away the stress and the battle to achieve your goals and placing your horses into the hands of an experienced trainer so that when you get back up into the saddle you can be practicing the new skills or techniques rather than fighting with your horse over them.  In this case we always recommend that we keep your horse a few steps ahead of where you wish to compete or work making the ride so much more fun for you - taking out the stress for both horse and rider.

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Overcoming Injury to Win Again

Snow View Concorde - Olympic competitor struck with lymphatic cancer went on to a further 10 fantastic years happily competing in his favorite sports - show jumping and cross country!

Discarded Racehorses

So many young thoroughbreds need a little time, TLC and education to show the world the amazing potential the thoroughbred breed brings to just about any discipline!

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Some are Just a Little Different...

Some horses just don't learn the same as others and this can lead to misunderstandings, behavioural problems and road blocks in your goals and the connection between you and your horse.  We specialize in finding that pathway to reach your horse, find a way though those roadblocks and get that connection flowing and strong.

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