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Illness comes in many forms; from Stringhalt to digestive issues like stomach ulcers and diarrhoea, unexplained weight loss, course coat, parasite infestations, poor performance, tiring easily or breathing and choking issues.  The variety is endless.  Many issues we can manage from a wealth of experience, however we do like to start with a vet check up with our own highly trusted and experienced Equine Veterinarians just to ensure that nothing is lurking under the surface that is not visible without the aid of a blood test. In some cases it may be necessary to have further tests done, however the initial consultation is low cost and often the best way to rule out problems leaving us better set to build your horse back up to its best self.  Sadly there are a few occasions where we uncover a condition e.g. cancer, that cannot be remedied, this does however give the client relief from the stress and frustration of not knowing why their friend is unwell or losing weight.  Luckily this is not a regular occurrence, for the most part we can find a way to build your friend up to his fabulous best and things go back to normal or even better than before and for the trickier ones we can devise a plan to keep them happy, healthy and having fun with you – it just may mean that you have a new way of looking after your friend.  We do endeavour at all times to make sure that this is the healthiest option for your horse and your budget!

Check out Ken's story (pictured above) in the Horse section as it is filled in over coming weeks. It will amaze you! Ken is only 4 years old.  A racehorse thrown away as not good enough. Saved by Mum Nadia he is now a super spoilt Mama's boy happily going to lessons and on trail rides.

Illness: About Me
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