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Injury rehabilitation can be a long and stressful process.  Many owners are not equipped to deal with an unhappy horse in a lot of pain who needs to have his bandages changed, wound scrubbed and the ever dreaded physiotherapy to commence.  As you cannot explain to your equine friend the need for these things they are not always terribly willing to suffer through their treatments with good grace.  The option to hospitalise your friend with the vet is very costly and can mean the difference between a return to full function and your horse retiring to companion status.
We offer an alternative to fighting it out on your own or the costly hospitalisation with your vet.  Still working with your vet or ours the horse stays with us and is monitored throughout the day and given all treatments necessary as advised by your vet or our in house experienced personnel.  With over 30 years experience successfully treating and rehabilitating a huge variety of wounds and injuries we can ensure that your horse receives the highest quality care giving you the best possible chance of returning to you with the greatest possible degree of functionality.  At no time is your horse treated in any manner that is distressing or could be construed as aggressive.  We get the job done through a combination of experience, persistence and patience.  Your horse is upset and unhappy enough, our job is to make them feel better and more comfortable, not the opposite!

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