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New Skills

Learning new skills can be tricky for a horse.  Teaching them those skills even trickier.  Riders, even great riders, don’t come with the ability to teach a horse new skills built in.  Teaching horses new skills is something Kathleen Gruenefeld, has always found fascinating. Kathleen has developed a very thorough and comprehensive plan for testing and assessing all new arrivals so that their time with us is optimised to achieve the best outcome. As a result, Kathleen has discovered that it is not about any specific training method, style or brand; simply working with the individual horse and finding out what works for that individual.
From there once we have taught the horse the desired skill we put you back together, work through it with you and your horse together so that you can then successfully practice your new skill once you get home.  There is no point in the horse only being able to use that new skill with the trainer.  This second stage is essential to your partnership.  By working through this together we ensure that you and your horse are set with the new skill(s) and you’re ready to go home and keep progressing together. 
Touch up sessions are always available, set backs happen.  But we do everything we can to make sure that you take home everything you need to take that new skill and use it well.

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