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Throughout their lives horses have experiences that can cause them to develop phobias. This can stem from accidents, abuse or any number and types of incident. Sometimes the sources are known, sometimes you cannot be certain as a horse can have multiple owners and the phobia in a lot of cases is something your horse comes with. We believe that phobias are an unnecessary source of stress for a horse and their owners and are like carrying dead weight around. Whether it is loading onto the float; travel; baulking at cars or wildlife; bath time/hoses or a million other things – these can be overcome and your horse can learn to overcome his or her fear. By building up their confidence and working step by step with them through their phobia, we are able to eradicate the phobia.  Horses that have known horrendous fear can come to enjoy pass times that were otherwise impossible. Playing in the hose when its hot, travelling to join clubs or ride with friends, loud noises, whips; anything at all – life is so much easier and far more fun without the stress caused to both horse and rider by a phobia.

Phobias: About Me
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