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Poor Performance

Poor performance can have many root causes.  We take the time to assess every possibility.  Diet, fitness level, muscular-skeletal issues, psychological and educational.  We analyse your horse, no matter the discipline from all angles.  Where necessary we work with the veterinary team from Wests Vets here in Brisbane, an incredibly professional team of Equine specialists with a lengthy wealth of experience in all areas of equine health and every discipline.  Our racehorses have the benefit of Dr Frank Low's experience working for 6 years in the Rehabilitation Centre as a vet for the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  One of the most prestigious in the world.  We have found his input to be invaluable and we are confident that you will too. If your horse is off his game, whether it is racing, endurance, show jumping, dressage or camp drafting - the discipline does not matter; we can help you find out why and put a plan into action to resolve the issue.

Game On!

Poor Performance: About Me
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