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P r o v i d e n c e .

The rehabilitation of horses that have experienced injury, illness, poor performance and/or hardship/phobias is a core focus for us.  The effects are detrimental to quality of life. Proper restoration of a horse’s health and function allows for future opportunities that can benefit the individual and their rider. Through the one on one interactions of improving a horse’s well being we can discover what their new journey in life should entail once they finish their rehabilitation; whether that be eventing, racing or pleasure riding.
This lovely lady is and ex-racehorse/ ex-broodmare that didn't take one season and ended up dumped into the domestic market as a teens first horse, nice family however no one had ever had a horse.  Through lack of knowledge and poor advice this is how she ended up. Keep a look out for her story in the Horses section, her after photos will blow you away! This is My Girl Suki a.k.a Morningstar.

Rehabilitation: About Me
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