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Starting Out

Starting a new untrained horse is a huge opportunity to give them a very positive start into life as a riding horse. Whether that is for performance or pleasure; racing, dressage, showjumping, camp drafting – whatever the discipline. A good start can be a huge advantage. If your youngster learns to enjoy his new job, work confidently and effectively whilst developing safe habits and good manners then you’re ahead. Too many youngsters have rough starts where the belief is that fear and pain are good training tools.  Rushing to save money. We firmly believe the opposite. They are dangerous training tools. You cannot rely, or trust a horse driven by fear. Horses have an amazing capacity to learn and as such with a bit of time and effort they come to understand the concept – of respect. That by the giving of respect, good manners and willingness to work they then receive the same in return. Respect, good manners, reward/approval for their efforts. We have found this then delivers a safer, more reliable and trustworthy horse. One with a strong work ethic who will give you so much more.

Starting Out: About Me
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