P u r p o s e .

At Throw Away Thoroughbreds we offer a comprehensive range of training opportunities for horse and rider.  Whether it is a youngster starting out, new skills for a horse already in work or competing, or to solve a problem or phobia.  We have found that no matter the horse there is a solution, it is simply a matter of working to find that solution.  We specialise in all areas of training, however owner and manager Kathleen Gruenefeld has a true passion for helping those with the worst behavioural or phobia problems.  These issues lead to misery for both horse and owner, often people are encouraged to go to gear that is more and more restrictive and painful for the horse and through fear often do.  This simply exacerbates the problem and the horse will learn further bad habits and act out more. We treat every horse the same by going back to the beginning.  We start over and work through until we find each issue and work through them and fix them as we go. So be it a fresh start, new skills or horrible bad habits and phobias, at Throw Away Thoroughbreds, no matter the breed, age or size – we have a solution.